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Find cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip near many attractions and landmarks!

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What are the cheapest hotels on the Las Vegas Strip?

Surprisingly, many of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are quite affordable such as The Luxor, Treasure Island and The Flamingo to name a few. The trick is being flexible with your travel schedule and knowing when major conventions are in town. If you’re traveling on a budget, mid-week is typically the best time to find the cheaper rates. Then we suggest you check the Las Vegas convention calendar to see when major conventions are in town. If you can avoid the larger conventions, you’ll have a better selection of hotels, cheap prices and smaller crowds .

What’s the cost of cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip?

The price of a hotel room on Las Vegas Strip can vary. Some hotels offer hotel rooms as low as $25 per night and others can be hundreds of dollars. If you’re looking for some cheap hotel rates, MoreHotels4Less offers last minute hotel deals on Las Vegas Strip hotels for tonight, this weekend and next weekend.

Why do Vegas hotels charge resort fees?

Many Las Vegas hotels and resorts charge a mandatory resort fee as part of their upkeep of the property. Resort fees can vary in price from $10 - $60 per room, per night. Generally, the fee includes amenities such as the shuttle service, WIFI and safe fees. When reserving your Las Vegas hotel room, make sure to read the fine print under our summary of charges section. This explains if the hotel is charging a nightly resort fee.

Does MoreHotels4Less have a cancellation fee?

No. We understand that plans can change. MoreHotels4Less doesn't charge a cancellation fee, but the hotel may charge one. Before you cancel your booking, check the hotel's change and cancellation policy so you don't have any surprises.

How can I get around the Las Vegas Strip?

It is recommended that you take a taxi, or limo from the airport to your hotel and during your stay on the Las Vegas Strip. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration since traffic on the Las Vegas Strip can be very heavy and parking can be expensive.

What are things to do in Las Vegas?

If you stay on the Las Vegas Strip, you can walk to many attractions, shows, and restaurants. You’ll have no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas. If you’re betting person, Las Vegas offers a large variety of casinos located in some of the best hotels in the world.

The spectacular Volcano at The Mirage is a must see. The volcano is surrounded by a lagoon and has fire shooters that shoot flames more than 12 feet into the air. You have to add the Fountains of Bellagio to your itinerary which combines lights and music to a choreographed water performance.

For thrill seekers, visit the Stratosphere Tower which at 1,149 feet tall, is the largest freestanding observation deck in the United States. It boasts the Big Shot which is the tallest thrill ride in the world!

Choose from many Cirque du Soleil shows on the Strip. These extremely talented performers incorporate different circus styles from around the world with elaborate costumes, continuous music and a stunning acrobatic performance that you have to see to believe!

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