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MoreHotels4Less is a discount hotel reservations provider offering cheap hotel rooms. We help travelers find cheap hotels, motels, and resorts quickly and easily. Since 2008, we’ve provided our guests with a great selection of accommodations at the lowest hotel rates. Our no-nonsense approach is to provide our guests with an easy-to-use website with relevant and accurate information that helps you find hotels fast. Whether you're on a budget looking for cheap hotels or a luxury five star resort, MoreHotels4Less will find a hotel room at the best hotel rates.

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Now it's even easier to find the best rates on hotels. Our tools enable you to narrow your hotel search. You can compare hotel prices, room types and rate hotels. Easily find amenities such as hotels with a free breakfast, parking and wireless Internet. You can also filter results to include accommodations that are handicap accessible, have an airport shuttle, a business or fitness center and even check if the hotel accepts pets.

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Take advantage of our low hotel rates when accessing our mobile-friendly design on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll have access to our cheap deals and best hotels. Plus all of the custom search features such as selecting a hotel chain, hotel rate comparison, star ratings, amenities and promotions.

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If you prefer to book your hotel room over the phone, give us a call toll free at 877-477-8591. Our helpful agents are available 24/7 and will help you find cheap hotel rates. When booking your hotel over the phone, give the agent promo code HBC4979 which will help the agent find cheap deals on hotels.

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